Jan. 26th, 2015

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It's a wonderful second-line web browser, and this is 90% of why I use it. (The other 10% is as a PDF reader so I can read drafts of things I've e-mailed to myself when I don't want to go to the hassle of unpacking and firing up my Laptop.) But seriously, now that I am also using it to review large amounts of video, I do wish mine had more than a paltry 12 GB of space.

Specifically, I wish it had a slot for a (preferably full-sized) SD card. I was very sad and sorry, a few years back, to lose the services of a cute little PDA/cellphone which had this particular function. No taking the back off to get at the memory; you just pushed it into a slot at the top and away you went. Push-in, push-out - you could fill a memory card with video or pics, pull it out, drop in a new one with all your music on it when it was time to start listening... Of course those were the days when these cards were routinely 2GB rather than 8 or 16 or even higher, but the video and picture files were proportionally smaller (the camera was no more than 1.3MP, IIRC).

Yes, I understand, the makers want you to trade up to a new one every few years - but MEMORY AVAILABILITY shouldn't be the driving factor here. Oddly enough, my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone has a USB adapter available with a micro SD slot that goes into the phone and the other end takes a USB thumbdrive, so I can actually fill up both the internal memory (at least as large as the Kindle's) AND the micro SD card (I think it will accept them up to 32GB) and then drop vast swathes of it onto an external thumbdrive. AND the Galaxy S3 has both forward and rear facing cameras. In many ways it is superior to the much larger Kindle Fire HDX. The only major problem with this is that you shouldn't attempt such a large transfer unless your S3's battery is fully charged, or you have near-immediate access to power when the job is done, because of course the USB doohicky occupies the Micro SD slot into which the charger would go, but it does allow for quick out-transfer of files to a very portable source of backup on the fly.

Now of course if you'd just finished a quick holiday and were travelling light without even a laptop to your name, and you happened to be flying on one of those airlines with seat-back USB chargers, the flight back to wherever you came from would be the ideal time to do this. Charge-and-dump or dump-and-charge as appropriate, because there's nothing else to do. At least on the sectors I fly, you STILL cannot use your phone or data services in the air, though I understand there are changes coming in this regard. Among other things, some airlines no longer require you to power-off your devices for takeoff and landing, which are arguably the BEST times to take really good and exciting aerial pictures.

In other news, HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!!


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