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Probably because I recently bought the DVD and saw the last film in the cinema this year.

Now we all know that DH could easily have been entitled "In which Harry Potter learns a great deal that he has never previously been told and now cannot check back", and a whole lot of threads came up that hadn't really reared their ugly heads until well into HBP.

Which got me to thinking, let's imagine that we have Harry and Hermione standing in the graveyard at Godric's Hollow. Everything up to that moment, from Harry's (and in broad also the reader's) perspective, is as it has been in canon. And then, instead of what is actually written upon his parents' graves in canon ("The last enemy which will be conquered is Death" IIRC), he finds the following:

"And with strange aeons, even Death may die."

The implications are obvious to anyone familiar with the quote*. Of all the things for Dumbledore not to tell him...

* And for anyone who's not, it's HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos.
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We've probably all heard of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, a universe in which too much of the wrong knowledge (or exposure to the wrong thing for however brief a time) can enslave or destroy the minds of the unwary (or unlucky). The victims range from those who do not want to see but have no choice, to those who feel (are?) compelled to watch in horrified fascination until their minds are destroyed (subsumed, enslaved, whatever)... all the way to the incredibly stupid (or unspeakably sinister) who go out of their way to Seek What Should Not Be Sought despite (or in the latter case because of) the consequences.

Much of this is nameless, its content only hinted at, and is more disturbing for the implications and the omissions than for what is said overtly. And so I give you... well, let's just call it Cthulhu's Video Playlist; a horrifying cornucopia of the worst that modern video music can throw at the human mind. Watch to the end, if you dare... and thank whatever Elder God might, by the time you read this in the dim distant future, have had the clips pulled in the name of "copyright". Don't let them fool you; they're doing it to save all of us. Just don't watch it all the way through when the stars are right...

We begin with this abomination. It disturbs me to think that my own countrymen were responsible for the video; and like much of Lovecraft's (hopefully) mythical arcana of doom and misery, it's catching and it... grows on you.

If you're not singing along by the end, you might just be strong enough to move on to this. I have never been able to watch this through. Hell, I've never been able to listen to it fully. You won't want to either, if you know what's good for you, but if you do - and you're still sane - you can delve deeper into the same pit of horror here.

If that wasn't bad enough, there's this and this, and for good measure there's this.

Still alive? Still sane? Still with me? Fine, let's finish you off then.

By the time you've closed the last link, guzzled the last brainbleach... you'll need something completely different. Lose yourself in something safely instrumental (clip segues into the first half of another at 2:21 or so - and OMFG I haven't seen this videoclip for TWENTY THREE YEARS - enjoy while you still can!).


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