Jan. 16th, 2009 02:13 pm
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One-day game (50 overs a side) - Australia won the toss and is batting first, which will mean that this evening becomes a South African "run chase" - something they're very good at, and which potentially makes for a pretty exciting second half, provided the Aussies don't have a collapse and fuck it up.

I'm very grateful that South Africa are back in the game - they proved right from the start of their post-apartheid cricketing rehabilitation that they are a dangerous side to take for granted. Australia and South Africa are still only the first and second teams ever to make 400+ runs in a fifty-over session, and they did it against each other and in the same game. South Africa, batting second, won against a disbelieving Australia, who had every reason to expect it couldn't be done again in a hurry.

ETA: One wicket for eight runs, two and a half overs in. This is NOT GOOD.

ETA2: South Africa by a whisker. A damned close-run thing.
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So in between varnishing a footstool and sanding down some wood for a bookshelf, I was catching up with the latest Australia vs. South Africa Test cricket match on TV, and there came one of those agonizing moments when the ball and the batsman's groin take on a close association. Needless to say, that player was down for quite a few minutes and one of the commentators remarked "...he's on his hands and knees, groaning...", an accurate summation of what happens when a thrown object collides with one's testicles at anything approaching 130km/hr (protective 'boxes' notwithstanding).

I wonder what his fellow commentator was thinking, however, when he added the words "As only a New South Welshman can." That mental picture is a whole different kettle of fish (and makes me sort of glad I was born in South Australia instead).

As a reward for my woodworking efforts, and also for getting the garage cleaned up, I took myself down to one of the local caf├ęs for something caffeinated. Normally there is overhead music, but due to an equipment fault, patrons were subjected to the Country Music Channel. And thus it was that I finally found out exactly who it was who put Warren Zevon's immortal "Werewolves of London" in a metaphorical musical blender with Lynyrd Skynyrd's equally immortal "Sweet Home Alabama" and (to his eternal credit) managed to add a half-decent melody line. The result is here, and IMO doesn't sound half bad, even if the video-clip is somewhat exploitatively centred on the topic of bikini-clad young women. But hey, what else do you expect from Kid Rock?

The other song that caught my ear was this one, from a young country & western singer called Jasmine Rae. Yet another C&W tale of broken hearts, cheating boyfriends and the end of love - but as is increasingly common these days, the tip of the cowgirl's boot has a cowboy's backside on the end of it, so to speak. And not only his backside, because the first verse of this Garth Brooks song hints at an alternative - and equally effective - placement.

Which brings me back to what I saw happen at the cricket this afternoon...


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